Valdobbiadene: what to do in the Prosecco land


Before this trip, Valdobbiadene was for me nothing more than an inscription on the neck of the many bottles of Prosecco I opened in my adult life. I never expected my weekend in the Prosecco land to turn out so unexpectedly pleasant. In Valdobbiadene I discovered the benefits of chromotherapy and the soothing power of the colour green – or maybe it was just the effect of the wine.

Cheaper than Champagne, but often just as good, Prosecco is made here, in the green and bucolic areas of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano (Treviso), amid vineyard-covered hills and an ocean of vines.

The Prosecco land is an almost tourist-free region of Italy, although it lies not that far away from the crowds of the more touristic cities of Venice and Verona. It’s the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to relaxation, slow walks, genuine food and good wine.

Here’s a list of some activities you might want to do if you are lucky enough to be planning a trip in this region:

What to do in the Prosecco land: Our advices

Take part in the “Weekend at the Winery” initiative

The Prosecco land is scattered with dozens of wineries. The region of Prosecco has started an initiative called “Weekend at the Winery“, to encourage wine lovers to visit the hills of Treviso on weekends.

Every weekend 2 or 3 wineries in rotation, open their doors to the public, and organise free wine tasting and tours inside their properties. It’s worth going to Valdobbiadene or Conegliano from Friday to Sunday, in order to take part in this great initiative.

canello winery
Canello Winery

Take a walk with a llama on a leash

Casually strolling around the streets of San Pietro di Barbozza, a small fraction of Valdobbiadene, we run into a llama-shaped sign, which was the advertisement of Valdolamatrek, a local association that organises walks through the vineyards in the company of llamas. Yes, llamas.

We didn’t miss the opportunity, and the following day we were walking around the Prealps with a llama on a leash.

Follow the “Prosecco Road”

In the land of Prosecco, lies one of Italy’s hidden gems: La Strada del Prosecco, or the Prosecco Road. The Prosecco road is a circular route that links Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, via the small localities of Collabrigo, San Pietro di Feletto, Solighetto, Farra di Soligo, Colbertaldo, Santo Stefano, San Pietro di Barbozza e Guia. You can walk, bike or drive down the route, surrounded by wineries, history and breathtaking landscapes .

valdobbiadene hills

Stop at the “Osteria senz’oste”:

“Osteria senz’oste” means “hostless Osteria”. It is a stone-built house with a wonderful view in the middle of Prosecco land, where you can buy wine from a vending machine and leave the money in a money box for the delicacies you consume. You can have cheese, bread, and salami and pay the amount of money you believe is right (there’s a tag on each product that indicates its value).

The hostless osteria is open every day until about 10 pm, but it gets a little bit crowded during weekends. This is the place to be to enjoy the sunset over Valdobbiadene Vineyards.


Have you ever been to the land of Prosecco?

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