Valdobbiadene: what is a llama doing on the Prealps?


What is a llama doing on the Prealps?

It looks like the beginning of a dad joke, but actually it’s what I asked myself during my weekend in Valdobbiadene (TV), the Prosecco city.

I found an answer to this question by talking to Elena Vanzin, head and soul of Valdolamatrek, the association that arranged for us a pleasant walk around the soft hills of Valdobbiadene, together with the sweetest llamas and alpacas on a leash.

The experience is amazingly calming, it makes you get closer to nature and it’s suitable for kids and adults.

These animals are some sort of living antistress.

The idea of creating a new tourist project that involved these beautiful animals came in 2015, but has not been achieved until 2017, when Elena started organizing the first tourist walks with llamas in the marvelous setting of the Treviso Prealps.

elena vanzin
valdolamatrek passeggiata

A walk with the llamas on the Prealps

Talking to Elena, I immediately sensed her love for animals and nature.

But why the llamas?

According to Elena, llamas and alpacas are the ideal animals to slow down, escape from the everyday life and have a break physically and mentally from the frenzy of our routine days. Besides, llamas are intriguing as they are not very common in Italy.

Elena’s future projects include the creation of an educational farm, set in more than 10 hectares of land in the area of Montebelluna, at the foot of Montello mountain (TV). Nevertheless, along with Valdolamatrek, she will continue to organise walks with llamas on the Prealps, for young and old.

The walk with llamas lasts about 3 hours and includes a stop in a local farmhouse or a malga to have a snack or a quick lunch with traditional food and wine.

For further informations about times and costs, click here!

passeggiata con i lama

FAQ about llamas

A big thank you to Elena, who answered all of my questions (even the dumbest ones):

Why is my llama slow?

The llama, my new spirit animal, is peaceful and relaxed, and he ignores you if you try to pull the leash. It is you who must adapt to his pace, and not vice versa. If your llama is slow, he is inviting you to chill out and walk slower. I love llamas.

Do llamas spit?

Yes, some llamas and alpacas might spit at you. It’s their way to react if they feel threatened or want to warn an aggressor away. Elena’s llamas, however, are very polite and cooperative, and rarely spit.

Do people eat llamas?

Yes, Peruvians do eat llamas.

Can you ride a llama?

No, but you can use them to carry small objects – a couple of bottles of wine, for instance. Some llamas may be able to withstand the weight of children under 20 kg (50 lbs).


Did you ever take a llama on a leash?

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