Michelin starred restaurants in Marche (updated 2023)


Everybody who knows me, knows that I love eating well and try fine dining restaurants whenever I can, even though it involves spending a lot of money. Michelin starred restaurants offers higher quality of food, less familiar ingredients, and more skilled preparations, not to mention their elevated ambiance and service. Every year the Michelin guide awards up to three Michelin stars for excellence to a select few restaurants, as a mark of recognition and a guarantee of quality: in 2023 the Michelin starred restaurants in Marche region reached the remarkable number of 8: let’s go through them together!

Uliassi, Senigallia (AN) – 3 stars

Uliassi restaurant was open in 1990 by two siblings: Catia and Mauro Uliassi, the chef. Their cuisine is simple and contemporary, deeply rooted in the Adriatic Coast traditions. A great location that overlooks the sea is the perfect frame of a tasteful experience you will never forget.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 180/200 €

Address: Banchina di Levante 6, Senigallia, 60019, Italy

Official website: https://www.uliassi.com/

Source: ©Giovanni Ghiandoni/Uliassi

Madonnina del Pescatore, Marzocca (AN) – 2 stars

Another restaurant located in front of the sea and deeply influenced by the Adriatic Coast food culture is Madonnina del Pescatore, run by chef Moreno Cedroni and his wife, Mariella Organi, who takes care of guests. The cuisine is creative and mainly focused on fish.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 110-175 €

Address: Lungomare Italia, 11, 60019 Senigallia, Italy

Official website: https://www.morenocedroni.it/en/madonnina-del-pescatore/

Source: ©Serena Serrani/Madonnina del Pescatore

Andreina, Loreto (AN) – 1 star

Chef Errico Recanati learned the bases of local cuisine from his grandmother Andreina. He embraced the traditions of his family adding modern techniques and new ingredients. Andreina’s cuisine is creative and mostly game based: its dishes have strong flavors and rich textures.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 100-125 €

Address: via Buffolareccia 14, Loreto, 60025, Italy

Official website: https://www.ristoranteandreina.it/

Source: ©Emanuela Ercoli/Andreina

Nostrano, Pesaro (PU) – 1 star

Chef Stefano Ciotti’s philosophy is to combine best quality ingredients with modern techniques and local craftmanship. Nostrano cuisine is colorful and tasty, consisting of regional cooking traditions and local ingredients.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 90 €

Address: piazzale della Libertà 7, Pesaro, 61121, Italy

Official website: https://www.nostranoristorante.it/

Source: ©Marco Poderi/Nostrano

Retroscena, Porto San Giorgio (FM) – 1 star

In 2022 Retroscena joined the Olympus of Michelin starred restaurants in Marche, along with L’Arcade, located just a few kilometers away. Pierpaolo Ferracuti and Richard Abou Zaki are the chefs and co-owners of this restaurant, whose philosophy expresses a strong bond with the territory and an impressive attention to detail.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 65-110 €

Address: largo del Teatro 3, Porto San Giorgio, 63822, Italy

Official website: https://retroscena-ristorante.com/

Source: © Michela Sollini/retroscena

L’Arcade, Porto San Giorgio (FM) – 1 star

Chef Sergeev Nikita, Italian by adoption, arrives from Russia at the age of ten, and immediately falls in love with Italian cuisine, that he reinterprets in his own way at L’Arcade. The crown jewel, however, is the location, literally facing the Adriatic sea.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 35-90 €

Address: Lungomare Gramsci 315, Porto San Giorgio, 63822, Italy

Official website: https://ristorantelarcade.it/

Source: © L’Arcade

Dalla Gioconda, Gabicce Monte (PU) – 1 star

In the kitchen is the talented chef Davide Di Fabio trained through a long experience at Bottura’s Osteria Francescana. The chef creates dishes that are extremely precise and beautiful to look at, using the best raw materials from our territory.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 90 – 130 €

Address: via dell’Orizzonte 2, Gabicce Monte, 61011, Italy

Official website: https://www.dallagioconda.it/

Source: © Dalla Gioconda website

Il Tiglio, Montemonaco (AP) – 1 star

At the foot of the Sibylline Mountains, after a forced break due to the 2016 earthquake, Chef Enrico Mazzaroni has returned to his town and his restaurant where he cooks using typical mountain products. Flavors a bit too strong for me (frequent use of entrails and raw meat), but definitely bold and interesting pairings like the fried brain with raw shrimp.

Tasting Menu (drinks not included): 50 – 90 €

Address: Isola Di San Biagio, 63048 Montemonaco AP, Italy

Official website: https://www.ristoranteiltiglio.it/

Source: © Il Tiglio website

If you are a foodie and planning a trip to my region make sure to visit at least one of these great Michelin starred restaurants in Marche, and then let me know about it!

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