Wine & Architecture: a visit to the Cantina Antinori


In the small town of Bargino, halfway between Florence and Siena, a land plot cultivated with vines is interrupted by two horizontal cuts. Here’s where you find the Cantina Antinori, an architecturally innovative winery that perfectly blends into the Tuscan landscape. The winery is almost hidden, as its beating heart lies mostly underground.

First opened in August 2013, Cantina Antinori was designed by the leading architecture studio Archea Associati, whose project aimed to merge the building with the rural landscape, resulting in a symbiosis between anthropic culture and natural environment.

A majestic spiral stairway connects the vineyard-covered roof to the entrance area, and became the hallwark of the Cantina Antinori, also depicted in the winery’s logo.  

The winery tells the story of the Antinori family, winemakers for 26 generations. Here is where tradition, innovation and an infinite care for details, live together harmonically.

cantina antinori
cantina antinory

Cantina Antinori Tours: Prices & Packages

You can book a visit to the Antinori winery by selecting the package that fits your needs on the official website:

Barricaia Tour:

This visit offers an introduction to the world of Marchesi Antinori and their wines. Visitors will gain insight into the Antinori family history, see how a wine is produced and enjoy the winery’s architecture. The tour culminates with a tasting of three wines.

Duration: 1 hour and a half

Price: 35 euros per person

Bottaia Tour:

This visit is for wine enthusiasts who want to explore the winery’s most suggestive and unusual spaces. Visitors will be led through the history of the Antinori family, see how a wine is produced and enjoy the architecture. The tour culminates with the tasting of four wines in the suggestive suspended tasting room or in the exclusive Bottaia room.

Duration: 2 and a half hours

Price: 60 euros per person

Bottaia Cru Tour:

This visit is a comprehensive overview of Marchesi Antinori’s winemaking philosophy. The cellars become the ideal venue to better understand our best CRU’s, guests are invited to taste seven wines in an unforgettable experience that wine lovers cannot miss. Tasting takes place in the suspended tasting room or in the Bottaia room followed by lunch in the winery’s restaurant: Rinuccio 1180.

Duration: 2 and a half hours plus the time to have lunch.

Price: 160 euros per person (lunch included)

Source: Cantina Antinori Official Website.

interior cantina antinori
degustazione cantina antinori

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Hey, I almost forgot… Here’s a fun fact about the winery.
Aren’t you curious to know the cost for the realization of the winery? Well, it’s around 67 000 000 euros.

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